"Many small people, who in many small places do many small things,
can alter the face of the world."
african proverb

This proverb shows the essential point of the topic very well: Everyone of us can contribute to protecting our planet even by taking small steps. You can find an overview of first steps that are already included in the artwork process here:

  • new canvases: FSC certified qualities, made in germany
  • Art Prints I order my art prints at Photocircle, where each order generates support for tree planting projects.
  • painting palettes: Cardboard from e.g. old packaging boxes is used for mixing colours.
  • Print: My businesscards are printed on recycling paper. When I don't have the option to print on recycling paper, I pay compensation fees for CO2 reduction. The needed amount of printed documents is calculated low, so that waste is reduced.
  • packaging When buying an artwork, you will probably find some used packacking materials. The focus nevertheless lies in protecting the artwork.
  • old canvases, brushes and paint Reuse instead of throwing away is the motto. Some paintings may be created on an old canvases. They were bought a couple of years ago, maybe even used for studies, meaning they might have an interesting history! Paint and brushes used might also be long-time companions.

This list is only a beginning and I hope to grow it continuousley. Not only at my art business but also in my private life, I take different precautions to live more sustainable. If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to ask!
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If you have any advice on e.g. where to buy sustainable acrylic paint or any other topic regarding sustainability, please get in touch via the contact form!

"The world should be a little better because [one] has lived..."
Frances Hodgson Burnett