The Human Influence

The animal kingdom is in danger. Some species more than others, but they all have in common, that without the human factor they'd probably be in less danger.
The collection "The Human Influence" shows specific animals and the human threats they are affected by. Maybe we can all find our individual way to influence the events in a small but positive way?


Beauties of Nature

Colourful, lively backgrounds, expressive appearances and a focus on individual animals …

These artworks on canvas invite you to approach the world with curiosity and an open mind.
The collection invites you to feel the bond to nature and it’s power connecting us all. Find the emotions, the thoughts and the individual character-traits! Fall in love with the beauties of nature and approach the world with open eyes and an open mind.



Let’s switch the perspective!

No power is lost, no personality less interesting because of their unexpected or unknown appearance. Let’s find the beauty in the overall images, let’s have a look behind the first impression and let’s direct that spotlight to where we want it to be!

What does our counterpart really have to say?


Vivid Senses

This collection combines the fascination of modern wallpapers and the infinite beauty of wildlife!
The resulting paintings are vivid artworks with an unexpected potential:

Soak up the differences of textures and brush strokes, of patterns and paint and see how well they harmonize! Take two things that make you feel good and combine them. Don’t worry about what should be and think more about what could be. Be inspired!


Acrylic Wildlife

Sometimes it’s the unexpected that brings us the most interesting things. “Acrylic Wildlife” shows sketch-like animal paintings on a see-through acrylic glass. Have a look at how just a few lines can bring a character to life and as a bonus it’s up to you to create the matching background!
Just go ahead and experiment with different wall-colours and -patterns and bring out the most catching aspects of the painting all by yourself! Try it out yourself!


Natural Abstract

Find harmony wherever you are!

The “Natural Abstract” paintings are a symbiosis of feelings turned into forms and colours, natural and yet rather rough aspects of plants and sometimes detailled images of famous sights. They originate from emotions, from dreams and hope:
If you are able to find all the details that make the greater picture complete – you can also turn the world into a better one!



Based on the technical blueprints for machinery etc. this collection came to live as a "building set" for animal species.

Informative profiles, hand sketched animals and habitats and finished is the blueprint.

An homage to science and nature's diversity.


Black & White

Basis of these framed paper sketches or acrylic sketches on canvas is the art of capturing all differents kinds of species with just a few, aimed strokes and lines.

These artworks combine a simple colour-theme and a primal effect that fits beautifully in every home - no matter the available space or the interior design.



Unique lino-prints duplicated through lovingly carved stamps. Some of these artworks are individually completed with fineliner and marker making sure that each piece is a unique piece of art that displays the variety of animal kingdom.

Just like in real life, this collection beautifully presents the variety of personalities and different characters within wildlife.


Mini Art Collection

Colourful and abstract art for everybody!

The Mini Art Collection shows abstract, framed artworks in the size of 13 x 18 cm. If you like you can find emotions, inspiration or calmness in these little original works or just delight yourself by the vibrant colour combinations.

The pieces are created on canvas and show their full potential in silver frames.


Studio Collection

The “Studio Collection” combines rather small paintings painted in different styles and techniques as well as different colour-approaches and themes.

They are created aiming to try out new things and sometimes just following feelings and emotions.

Have a look and dive into a world of possibilities, feelings, un-expectance and harmony.



The limited art-prints on high-quality paper come in a small format and reflect the variety of Nessañas art. They are the perfect gift for yourself or any loved one!

Hamburg Vibes, Tony, Maggie and Rokka represent the collections Natural Abstract, Reversed! and Beauties of Nature and will be printed on demand in a limited edition of 60 prints.



Moin Moin, you are looking for some Hamburg artworks?

This is a collection of all Hamburg related artworks combined from all art-collections from this page.

Animals, sights, big, small, original or print - Hamburg presents it's beauty!



Visibility, empowerment and lending a voice. Many people suffer on a daily basis. Many people don't have a perspective or hope. And many people live with injustice, that might not seem as importan considering international happenings. But it doesn't make any of this less important.

This collection wants to give a voice especially to women and minorities. To be inspired, to know that others see your struggles and to push tolerance and cooperation in our society.