„Art is my break from everyday life!

I celebrate the harmonies of differences, nature and the excitement of diversion while painting. I can create worlds where my personal focus gains a fast relevance, which helps me to ground myself for reality.

With the help of detailed pictures and stylistic contrasts as well as contrasts in terms of colours, I want to invite the audience of my art to challenge their own perception. If you can spot and name details, if you can view the harmony in contrasts and see unique and individual traits, you are in the best position to influence your environment in a long-term, positive way and bring to life my vision of a better treatement among each other and a more equal and sustainable world.”

“I want to inspire humankind to practice more mindfulness, more conscious perception and a better cooperation so that the world is a more equal place. A world that’s complied with itself, it’s fellow human beings and it’s nature.”

NESSAÑA lives close to Hamburg, Germany, where she was born and raised from the mid 90s on. She studied business administrations and tought herself how to paint from a young age. The inspiration for her innovative artworks come from daily encounters as well as from journeys. Her favorite materials to work with are acrylic paint and -markers on canvas, wallpaper and acrylic glass.