The Human Influence

How does it concern me?, Mixed Media auf Leinwand, 100 x 70 cm

The climate is changing, the sea level is rising, the ice is melting. “but how does that concern me?” they said and turned up their AC on a once again way too hot summer day.
Rainstorms are flooding, droughts and fires are spreading – “but how does that concern me?”…
Famine, destruction and species extinction, “but it’s winter and it’s snowing as it should, so why does it concern me?”
“I am too small to change a worldwide problem, let the big companies do their part first, let other countries lead the fight” they said.

And the polar bear sat on a melting sheet of ice, exhausted from swimming too far without finding solid ground. Exhausted by his hunt, that didn’t satisfy his hunger and desperate because the options are running low. As he watches his species grow smaller and smaller on the verge of extinction, he thinks to himself “… it does concern ME”.